Get to know our Premier product…

We offer a specially-crafted insurance product for your valued customers; and with our numerous and generous discounts, you can offer them the coverage they need at a price they can afford.

No Credit Scoring: Unlike most insurance companies, at MissionSelect, your insurance premium is not based upon your credit score. Our extensive research has shown that hail storms, tornadoes, and prairie fires do not distinguish homes based upon credit scoring, so we don’t either.

  • HO-A Plus product
  • Designed for Owner/Primary and Secondary Residences
  • Dwelling limit values up to $600,000
  • Coverages include the following with varying options on limits:
    • Other structures
    • Personal property
    • Personal property off-premises
    • Personal liability
    • Medical payments
    • Loss of use
    • Water damage
  • Deductibles designed to suit policyholder
  • Loss settlement at Replacement Cost

Other enhancements are available, so be sure to ask.