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MissionSelect is proud to announce Azure Digital agency for their website redesign.

After an extensive vetting process, MissionSelect chose Azure Digital Agency based on Azure’s award-winning design capabilities, highly-effective marketing campaign history, and company vision.

“During the selection process, we wanted to make sure that the agency we would move forward with would reflect the culture and community that we have strived so hard to achieve here at MissionSelect,” Says Dave Lacefield, Partner at MissionSelect, “While other agencies demonstrated an understanding of our industry as a whole, Azure Digital readily understood our industry, our specific niche, the importance we place on providing best-in-class service to our independent agents, and our focus on servicing the residential property insurance needs in the state of Texas.”

Azure Digital’s first initiative with MissionSelect was to redesign the company website. The old website had been built quite a few years back; and while the website served its original needs, it no longer reflected the culture, brand, and positioning of today’s MissionSelect Insurance.

MissionSelect Insurance Selects Azure Digital Agency for Website Redesign

Old missionselect website

Old Website

Areas of Improvement for the Old Website:

  • Bring mobile-friendly, responsive design to current standards
  • Update branding, tone, and voice
  • Include relevant, engaging imagery
  • Implement analytic tracking
  • Optimize for Search Engines
  • Provide an easy-to-use interface
  • Remove friction points

New missionselect website

New Website

Accomplishments Associated with the New Design:

  • Highly-responsive, mobile-friendly design that readily adapts to the users device and platform
  • Engaging imagery that resonates with an independent agent’s customer: achieving the American dream through home ownership, providing security and comfort for their family, and enjoying the freedom and space associated with permanent housing
  • Colorful design reflective of MissionSelect‘s brand image and the customers that MissionSelect serves through their independent agents
  • Easy-to-use interface with product information, informative videos, and contact forms readily available
  • Clear communication of MissionSelect‘s vision to support and ensure the success of their agents and their agent’s customers
  • Optimized content, structure, and meta data for search engine placement
  • Successful implementation of analytic data tracking

As a result of the website redesign, MissionSelect has received great feedback from the agents and employees that use the website every day. Overall, the site is viewed to be more engaging, easier to use, and a better reflection of the current company culture.

In the few months that the new website has been up, the average search engine ranking position for website content has risen from 17.0 (second and third page results), to 4.9 (first page results). Thanks to the successful tracking implementation MissionSelect can now see how many visitors, page views, bounced sessions, and more are occurring. MissionSelect can also now view new versus returning customers, organic versus direct or referral traffic, page flows, and more.